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Saturday, April 16, 2011


It's almost Here... The Launch of MarcMyStyle.Com. My styling Mission blasting off and I want everyone to be apart of it.

Striving for Greatness


My First YouTube Video...

So I Went on a rant, about a terrible makeup Artist and an old wrinkled washed up wanna be model. I take my career very seriously and I need people to understand I'm not just playing dress up, SO PLEASE DON'T WASTE MY TIME. But I just hope for this minute an 30 seconds you guys are entertained.

I'm really am not a jerk (all the time)


Shuman For Balmain spring/summer 2011

Sid Vicious / Bass Guitarist for Sex Pistols

This is a small look into the collection by Christophe Decarnin’s, Balmain Spring 2011. Sid Vicious for the runway anyone? The edgy collection had a high taste of the punk fashion culture. The Models strutted down the runway wearing lots of leather, studs, safety pins, bleached jeans, and torn up fish net stockings. I personally love the looks, but I have a heart for the punk style.

I'm just that kind of girl,



So I have been working like a Mad Man! Every time I think I have time to write, I 'm working or work is working me. But as always I'm full of tips, tricks and fun fashion to show off. Not to mention I have myself a crazy fantastic assistant who is just as awesome as myself. Her Name is Shuman and She will be a guest blogger every so often that way you guys can have the newest and greatest at all times. So with out further ado lets get this show on the road...