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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Underdog...

Dontella there is nothing wrong with calling out for help, especially when you call Christopher Kane comes running. Come spring 2011 I see every girl and woman alike wanting a Versace original "Marc" my words.

I Love this...
This collection is to be cont...


A Letter ToM

What I have just given you, is a look into pure genius. Well... Maybe that's going a little too far, but this is great stuff. These are Photos from Tom Fords 2010 Fall/Winter lookbook. The textiles are amazing, the Fabrics are rich, this is heaven on your body.
I do Have three small concerns though...
  • What's wrong with Jon? Tom He's looking a little emaciated and because I love his work this concerns me
  • Who are the new guys? I like the one with the curly hair though, I see myself wanting everything he has.
  • If you are accepting new recruits, why is there no color??? And come to think of it I don't think I've ever seen a colorful face. I'm not questioning your motives Tom, I'm just asking.
Remember if you ever need a hand I'm here, especially if you are looking for people to be put into genius.


P.S. I Love YOU

Proenza Schouler
Ray-Ban "The Outdoorsman"
Sergio Rossi

I have to do this, because If I don't who will... It's for your own good...

P.s I love You



Donatella threw a party for the New Collection...
Donna I'm going to assume my invite was lost in the mail. It's okay.

Rachel Bilson at Roberto Cavalli's Show

We'll be watching...


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Photographer: Koray Birand



Koray Birand started out as a cinematic photography director. Now as a photographer he as taken incredible photos for Mac, Louis Vuitton and Elle magazine just to name a few.

Even though they are closely related, two totally different professions. I guess you never know where your art will take you.


Thats So COCO...

So in my magazine travels yesterday I was reading this months issue of Marie Claire and ran across the article about the Project Runway challenge. If you don't remember or watch for that matter, the new season eight cast had to design a look inspired my the Marie Claire magazine. The winning look got to be in the magazine and it also received a HUGE billboard in Time Square. Contestant Gretchen Jones won the challenge with a navy jumpsuit that was sell fitting and Marie Claire appropriate. Also the Outfit was modeled by "IT" girl Coco Rocha. As I read I realized that Ms. Rocha also has a blogspot and I always love to see what others are doing to I immediately went to her site and I must say I was impressed. It was funny, easy to navigate and she definitely had a voice. The blogspot is called www.ohsococo.blogspot.com. here's one of the videos that's on her page...

The site is full of her model dealing, which is like a backstage pass for you fashion lovers. Brimming with behind the scenes photos and videos from her day to day model life.

Oh Coco, You have a fan in me my dear...

I love it
xoxo back at you

First Up: Burberry Prorsum

2011 Spring/Summer

The above photo is a still from the recent Burberry show in London. But before I get into that, lets build this up shall we... I like to start off my season's reports with the people I absolutely loved the previous season. That being Burberry, Chole, Balenciaga and Vera Wang just to name a few. This year I decided to start with the brand that still burns a hole in my mind with their double shearling collars, Burberry Prorsum. The show got not so great reviews and the NY Times really gave it a beating (http://runway.blogs.nytimes.com/2010/09/22/burberry-killer-heels/?ref=style), but all in all I didn't think it was that bad. The Studded Leathers were young and fun and I could see those making every editorial photo shoot and on the backs of the young elite. The Cropped Trenches were also adorable. It was fabric choice that threw me off a little. Lots of Leather. I guess you are transitioning from winter to spring when these clothes hit the store but I wanted something a little more airy and softer. I can't say I was a fan of the quilted pants and leggings though. On the wrong person I see them being a disaster. And a few of the frocks were plain, and short to the point of ass-posure, but over all I liked the collection.
Now lets get to tippy tumbles you see in the photo. As cute as the shoes were, you can clearly see that the girls had a hard time walking in the 4inch booties and pumps. The girl you see above started off with her feet crushed and hurting and struggled the whole show. So it was no surprise when she tipped over and almost lost it towards the end. So Chris my good friend you might want to do a once over on the footwear...

The Show...

Dont Worry Mr. Bailey, there's always fall/winter 2011-2012

To fashion so good it hurts,
Style Jerk

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Hidden Treasures

Anna Sui Fur Boots
Christian Louboutin Rantas Orlato
Chanel Quitted i-pad Case
Marc Jacobs

Louis Vuitton "Bono" Bag

Nike Zoom Huarache Trainers aka "Flash"

A Designers dream is another man's treasure... Happy hunting

Style Jerk


Anna Wintour, Naomi Campbell and Sarah Jessica Parker were a few amongst many to celebrate the life of Visionary Designer Alexander McQueen. For a more in depth read go to http://www.nytimes.com/2010/09/21/fashion/21McQueen.html?_r=1&ref=fashion and get scoop.

His greatness will me missed and admired


Therapy... All work and No Play

It's hard trying to push a career in the arts. There are 100,000,000,000,000,027 stylist and just as many bloggers, designers, fashionistas and so forth. So trying to make yourself a little more special than everyone else seems near to impossible. I've tried combining a few of these trades just to make myself the ultimate renaissance man. I write, style and dress well. Combined with the fact that I'm tenacious, committed, charming, humble and willing to learn as much as I can in this short life that I have to learn it. SO WHY IS THIS SO HARD!!! LOL, I guess nothing is easy but Geewiz. This question dawns on me from time to time, but it really took me on a ride today as I spent the first five hours of my day sending my portfolio to Agencies, applying for internships and following up with potential dream jobs. They say hard beginnings make for humble endings. So I'll continue to put my best foot forward, but I just hope that something comes from this soon. I'm not getting any younger you know.

Thanks for letting me sit on your couch. And it didn't cost me a dime. you all are too kind.


People Watch!!!

He Travel to 21 Jump street, He was the Ultimate Goonie, He Milked an Oscar nomination, He went to where there was No Country for Old Men and now he's a V-Man.
Josh Brolin for V Man

Jessica Alba in Valentino w/ Ferragamo shoes (STUNNING!)
Machete premiere

Bono With wife Ali Hewson starring in the Newest Louis Vuitton campaign
for guest what... the "Bono Bag"
jealous yes

Sarah Jessica Parker at the Oscar De La Renta Show.
No matter the weather she'll weather the weather, whether she likes it or not.

Taylor Momsen For John Galliano
From Gossip Girl to Madonna's Material Girl muse to It Girl.
I'm not mad Little J.

Don't you just love celebrities!?! They are like the big piece of chicken that Mom saved for dad. You want it and its nice to look at but you just can't have it, which makes you obsessed.


Saturday, September 18, 2010

Recent Work...

I've finally gotten a chance to shoot again recently. Here are a few of the behind the scenes photos...

And After its all said and done here are a few of the photos I am proud of...

Bat-winged top By Dantrese Canady

Dress by Anthony-Chad

I love the end result. I didn't post all of the outfits as you can see but I feel like I'll leave a few for the imagination.

Outfits were inspired by Anthony-Chad, Dantrese Canady, and specific 2010-2011 Fall/Winter trends.

If you would like to know more about the fashions and/or how to get in-touch with Anthony-Chad or Dantrese Canady send me a message via twitter, facebook or email me at vincentmarcstyling@yahoo.com

Stylist with the mostest...