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Thursday, November 19, 2009


Daniel Craig sporting a TOM FORD suit at the annual gala for Eliton John's AIDS foundation. Its no secrete that I love TOM FORD, but I must say he never gives me a reason not to. And Daniel you look Amazing and so does your wife I might add.

I Heart A Chic Couple.
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My Favorite Men's Trend This Fall/Winter




John Galliano

One of my favorite trends this season is the military jacket. A well tailored military inspired jacket can set off any look, whether it be casual or dressy you will definitely have that edge. Its my favorite piece to use and I would personally own every style. (long, short, wide lapel, no lapel, I would have everyone.)

I Heart Jackets.
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She Lost, Now She Is Found :)

Remember this girl???
Well if you don't, lets think back to one of our guilty pleasures, which is becoming a cult favorite, America's Next Top Model. After just finishing its 13th season showcasing petite models all under 5'7, The girl you see above shined season 6 as one of the most promising models that graced Top Model's runway. The Doll you see before you is Molly Sue Gondi. At 5'9, Molly Sue with those big blue eyes and that incredible face demolished her competition proving she could take one great picture after another. After five weeks of proving herself worthy of staying, they eliminated her after a lack luster commerical challenge. They claimed she didn't have the personality of a true Top Model. I usually can see where the judges come from in their decision making but she had to be one of the shows biggest upsets. Now 7 seasons later she has a thriving career as a model. She is now represented by Elite NY and Elite Barcelona and has one of the best careers of the Models birthed by the show. This segment is in celebration of you Molly Sue, one of my Favorite Top Models.


Till this day I think to keep Brooke over her was wrong and her leaving has to be one of the shows worst decisions.
In the name of Molly Sue let the church say Amen!
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Tuesday, November 17, 2009


He is charming, He is well dressed, He walks around with his head up, He refuses to get his hands dirty. This man is a Metrojerkual (metro-jerk-ual). People have a sad interruption of what a Gentleman truly entails and what he stands for. A true Gentleman is a man first and foremost. He is the man above all men. He doesn't just Charm a women, he woo's her. He is not conceited and even in an untucked shirt he is sure of himself. He gets his point across without raising a fist though he knows that may be the end result. He is confident and selfless, doing for others as well as for himself. The Modern Gentleman should have the cunning of prodigy, The sensitivity of a father, the charm of a prince, the strength of ant (did you know they can lift three times their own body weight), the fearlessness of a lion and the wit of a jerk. We throw the term "gentleman" around so loosely when in reality few deserve it. Being a gentleman is more than looking good and speaking well. The Modern Gentleman stands for something, and falls for nothing. The sad reality is that gentleman are not born they are raised. Meaning everyone is not meant to be a gentleman. So for those who have it in you, step up and be the best man you know you can be or else your title which was given to you without question, will now be snatched away from you with merit.

This shouldn't just be the year of the Gentleman. Its a 24hr. job.

The Sneaker

The INTRECCIATO by Marc Jacobs

I know its a summer sneaker but there is nothing wrong with working on your shoe wardrobe for next year. Right? I heart Marc Jacobs :)

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The Photographer who Loves Femininity and Sexuality

Photographer: Katja Rahlwes

Once stylist turned fashion photographer, Katja's style embodies a woman's sexuality and femininity. Through the natural allure of women, she creates Art.

In The name of "The Women" let the church say Amen!
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Thursday, November 12, 2009


I know I said I'm not a Fan but I must admit she is one of the most interesting creatures floating around now a days. Checkout GaGa's video for "Bad Romance" its visually pleasing.


PS. video brought to you by Perez Hilton. Not really a fan of his either but he gets the exclusives. LOL.
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JERKISH TIP #17... Name Calling Is Tacky

Lets face it, to own a high priced name brand is confident boosting and fun. To have that feeling of exclusivity that only an item of that price point can bring, makes you feel well exclusive. But whats not chic is name dropping. To say your labels out loud is just deplorable and tacky. People of stature and class never name drop, why say what you have when people can clearly see you have it. Labels are to be seen not heard and once you give your labels a voice, you seem like new money who don't know any better, or broke money parading around your label like a child who shows off his/her new toy that mommy couldn't really afford. Besides not all labels are cute and its nothing worst than a label namer with awful taste. So just remember I'm all for a Tom Ford frame or Givenchy blazer as long as it doesn't grow lips. Let us admire you.

In The Name of Having Class, Let The Church Say Amen!
Don't Be A Jerk
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So I know I haven't written in a little while and before I went on my little hiatus, I was very engulfed in this project that I was going on and on and on and... (Well you get it) about. Needless to day the project is complete. It has gotten a lot of positive feed back and I'm proud to share it with you at this given time. It was hard putting together, Photographer Judith Suffix did a wonderful job as well as my male muses Hashaun, Sean and Ervin. So sit back, scroll down and enjoy. I present Clock Work Inspired Orange...




It was extremely hard work putting this shoot together and I want to thank everyone who made this project fun and less difficult. Boys you were wonderful and Judy you were amazing. Clothes were provided by H&M, Forever21, Heritage 1981, Zara, American Apperal, Calvin Klein, Doc Marten, PayLess and vintage stores everywhere. I hoped you liked.

In the Name Of Fashion, Let the church Say Amen!
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Ms. Piggy For Marc Jacobs

Is She just not Fab... She has come a long way for muppet babies. Ms. Piggy and Neo at an Macy's benefit and might I add she looks stunning in a Marc Jacobs corseted fuchsia Dress with leopard tank, made especially for her by Marc himself. Then we have Neo to her right nowhere near red carpet ready :( Ole Well!

Photo provided by wwd.com
I Heart Ms. Piggy
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