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Thursday, November 12, 2009

So I know I haven't written in a little while and before I went on my little hiatus, I was very engulfed in this project that I was going on and on and on and... (Well you get it) about. Needless to day the project is complete. It has gotten a lot of positive feed back and I'm proud to share it with you at this given time. It was hard putting together, Photographer Judith Suffix did a wonderful job as well as my male muses Hashaun, Sean and Ervin. So sit back, scroll down and enjoy. I present Clock Work Inspired Orange...




It was extremely hard work putting this shoot together and I want to thank everyone who made this project fun and less difficult. Boys you were wonderful and Judy you were amazing. Clothes were provided by H&M, Forever21, Heritage 1981, Zara, American Apperal, Calvin Klein, Doc Marten, PayLess and vintage stores everywhere. I hoped you liked.

In the Name Of Fashion, Let the church Say Amen!
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