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Tuesday, November 17, 2009


He is charming, He is well dressed, He walks around with his head up, He refuses to get his hands dirty. This man is a Metrojerkual (metro-jerk-ual). People have a sad interruption of what a Gentleman truly entails and what he stands for. A true Gentleman is a man first and foremost. He is the man above all men. He doesn't just Charm a women, he woo's her. He is not conceited and even in an untucked shirt he is sure of himself. He gets his point across without raising a fist though he knows that may be the end result. He is confident and selfless, doing for others as well as for himself. The Modern Gentleman should have the cunning of prodigy, The sensitivity of a father, the charm of a prince, the strength of ant (did you know they can lift three times their own body weight), the fearlessness of a lion and the wit of a jerk. We throw the term "gentleman" around so loosely when in reality few deserve it. Being a gentleman is more than looking good and speaking well. The Modern Gentleman stands for something, and falls for nothing. The sad reality is that gentleman are not born they are raised. Meaning everyone is not meant to be a gentleman. So for those who have it in you, step up and be the best man you know you can be or else your title which was given to you without question, will now be snatched away from you with merit.

This shouldn't just be the year of the Gentleman. Its a 24hr. job.

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