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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Be Inspired

Photographer, and visual artist, Ruven Afanador 
I was inspired, are you???

Style Jerk

It Ain't For Everybody

One of the most overly used accessories of the season is the Fedora Hat. Now i'm personally a Fedora wearer, but nothing hurts my heart more than to see a poser. The Fedora is a classic piece not to be taken lightly, with so many sizes, fits and styles to each his/her own. Do remember everything isn't forevery one. Just because Johnny Deep looks great in a Fedora doesn't mean you will. Hey I like 3inch shorts, doesn't mean I'm going to party all night in a pair. If you never follow another single piece of advice I give remember this, just because you can buy it (or fit it) doesn't mean you should wear it. Stay true to yourself, don't become an eye sore just to fit in. 

Don't be a Jerk
Style Jerk

Thursday, May 28, 2009

The MUST Have!!!

There is always that must have piece and though Mother Nature has been raining on our parade lately, the jerkish thing to do is throw a little shade her way. I'm usually am not into paying an arm and a leg for any one piece unless necessary, or it "Must Have". I want to introduce to you all the Tom Ford Aviators. These shades are Around $490.00 and worth every penny. They are an investment piece and in these hard times, when the economy isn't really at its best, try to give back a little (well alot). These frames will make any (well almost any outfit) look expensive even if its just jeans and a Tee. REMEMBER investment piece, don't think about it "Just Do It".

Get a Feel For "The Jerk"

So here are a few clips form my outside shoot. This was my first styling gig and started me on the road to where I am headed today. Since this shoot, I've been aiming to stay ahead of the game with fresh looks and inspiring ideas. It will only get better.
Till Next Time,
Style Jerk