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Saturday, May 30, 2009

It Ain't For Everybody

One of the most overly used accessories of the season is the Fedora Hat. Now i'm personally a Fedora wearer, but nothing hurts my heart more than to see a poser. The Fedora is a classic piece not to be taken lightly, with so many sizes, fits and styles to each his/her own. Do remember everything isn't forevery one. Just because Johnny Deep looks great in a Fedora doesn't mean you will. Hey I like 3inch shorts, doesn't mean I'm going to party all night in a pair. If you never follow another single piece of advice I give remember this, just because you can buy it (or fit it) doesn't mean you should wear it. Stay true to yourself, don't become an eye sore just to fit in. 

Don't be a Jerk
Style Jerk

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