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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

At it Again... Styling Job #124 The Sailor

I want to thank the Models, Streamline Model Management Agency for providing the space and talent and Ms. B Wilson from Just B Beautiful for doing hair and makeup #combo.

Best shoot to date

The Tom Ford InterView

I'm saying nothing but read the interview... I don't want to give anything away, and he's my ideal and I think anything I say would be bias anyway. So enjoy ...

Tom Ford for InterView Magazine http://www.interviewmagazine.com/fashion/tom-ford/

If Only I could have the pleasure. One day Tom, One day


Monday, January 10, 2011

Image of the Week: Mariano Vivanco

Photo shot by Fashion Photographer Mariano Vivanco. He has shot everyone from Lily Cole and Dita Von Teese to Eva Mendes and Naomi Campbell. And in this photo he happened to take a picture of a dear friend of mine Mr/Ms. Paulie Rebell. I love when art meets fashion, I especially love when my comrades are the subjects.

You go Paulie...

Look of the Week... Brought to you by Street Etiquette . Com

Joshua Kissi

Travis Gumbs

Every so often we come across something so wonderful we are lost for words. I happen to be inspiration shopping on the net, when I stopped at WWW.GQ.COM and seen an article on street etiquette. The outfits these brotha's were wearing were awesome. Come to find out there was more were this came from at WWW.STREETETIQUETTE.COM. The blog is ran by two talented you black men by the names of Joshua Kissi and Travis Gumbs. They both are doing incredible work, introducing a different point of view and bringing sophisticated menswear into the african american community. Not only are all the ensembles great but there is a little history behind each look. As a Stylist I can appreciate great style, especially from well dressed black men. Kudos to you...


The best part of the look was the vintage leather gaiters... That was the icing on the cake...

Man Oh Man...

Sunday, January 9, 2011


Viktor & Rolf

Marc by Marc Jacobs

Jean Paul Gaultier

I Loved Each Show Equally...


The Must have Sneakers...

Christian Louboutins

Please and Thank you

Spring Forecast...


2) Viktor & Rolf

3) Michael Bastian

4) Yigal Azrouel

5) Marc by Marc Jacobs

6) Balmain

7) Gucci

8) Burberry

9) Lanvin

10) Jean Paul Gaultier

So I was in the process of figuring out my next move for this spring, because of course I am done with winter already. So in my travels I came across the 10 biggest trends of spring/summer 2011. I will disclose then tell you which trend Mr. Marc will own come spring season.

1) Carrot Pants: Like harem pants, but not as baggy. I would prefer you go with a pant with a crotch that isn't at maximum droop. A true style junkie will know the difference. (This trend isn't for everyone)
2) Beige: One of the biggest color palettes of the season. The more more of this color the better. But remember if this is a color that washes you out try pieces (pants, t-shirts, shoes) and mix them with other colors of the season such as citrus, denim, navy or a darker green. (Trend approved)

3) Citrus: Also another color that made it big this season... Citrus would be your Lemons, Limes, and Oranges. I'm personally a fan of color. Its fun to play around with and cute when done appropriately. (Trend approved)
4) Baggy Tees) Its not your average lounge shirt... The over-sized tee is making its way into a fashionable closets near you. Burnout, colorblock, v-neck or crew neck, as long as it looks like a over-sized tee and not a shirt dress, you are good to go. My huskier guys this is more so for gentlemen of a small to medium built. depending it can come off a little feminine. (This trend isn't for everyone)

5) Mid-thigh Shorts: Its all about the perfect pair of shorts. Not too tight, not to baggy, just the right cut, just the right length. Do this right and you'll be all the rave. Do this wrong and you'll be all the gossip. And if you watch Gossip Girl, you know to be gossiped about is bad. Shorter guys this would be a nice trend for you. (This trend isn't for everyone)

6) Military: This trend is taking on a life of its own. Its becoming more of a staple than a fad. The military look has survived the last few years and a multitude of seasons. It doesn't look like it's going anywhere any time soon. Its one trend you can't go wrong with. (Trend approved, though a little tired of it)

7) Denim: All denim is here to stay as well. Mix and Matching denim is bigger than its ever been and I don't see it going anywhere. (Trend approved)

8) The Black Trench: Knee Length, double breasted, in all black. Sounds chic and dangerous at the same time. But a trench can make a short guy look even shorter so be careful. (This trend isn't for everyone)

9) Double-breasted suits: I encourage everyone to get one... That's All! (Trend approved)

10) Nautical: It makes its way to the trends trending topics every spring/summer. When you think of luxe, rich and lavish with a easiness that can be accomplished by virtually anyone, you think nautical. This seaside look is my favorite and the best part is, It's simple. (Trend approved)

And I figure you guessed that the Seaside look will once again be mine to obtain for the spring. It just makes me feel good, though I will be throwing the Beige look in there as well. I think I would look great in an all beige getup.

Happy shopping

JERKISH TIP 29: Customer Service Not Customer Servants

JERKISH TIP 29: THEY ARE NOT CUSTOMER SERVANTS... Have you every been to a store and seen a random person treat a service representative so bad that it made you embarrassed to even be a witness. Well try being the sales representative, its feels as bad as it looks. Going into work in a great mood only to leave feeling low and depressed. Feeling like a slave to people who are no different than you are. Having money, clothing, or auto parts thrown at you all day long. And to never hear as much as thank you for having to put up with someone's insane request. It's enough to make you want to end it all... I mean quit that is. Without dedicated people to service you, and make sure that the shirt your mother bought you that's two sizes too small can be returned or to check to see if there's a better phone plan that suits your needs, we as a society would be screwed. We need to respect our customer service attendants and give them our upmost cooperation. Not bash them because we are having a bad day. Below you will find 5 helpful tips to assist in being more consumer friendly...

1) Be aware of body language. The moment you walk up to a sales representative, they are reading your body language. Everything from your mannerisms to your tone of voice. They are trained to read people in order to brace themselves in case a negative situation arrives. Don't be that situation. Always smile and talk with your inside voice. Give them a chance to aid you the best way they know how.

2) Do not take your problems out on them. We all have bad days, other people should not have to suffer because you found out your husband was cheating or because you can't control your wild teen. If thats how you are feeling THEN STAY HOME!!!

3) When purchasing, place cash in hand. There is nothing worst than having money thrown at you all day long. You are not at a strip club so there is no reason to make it rain on innocent workers that are not using a pole as a mean of support.

4) Do not steal. I know it goes without saying, but at the end of the day it has to be said. If you decide to steal, be okay with the consequences. Do not get irate because you were caught. These people are only doing their job. If someone came into your house stealing would you just let them walk out with your stuff and be okay with it?

5) Say thank you... Trust me it goes a long way.

As human beings we shouldn't need etiquette lessons on how to shop, but I have been witnessing the most awful situations and I commend anyone in the customer service field who has to put up with that mess.

In the words of Chubb Rock, "Treat Em Right"