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Sunday, January 9, 2011

JERKISH TIP 29: Customer Service Not Customer Servants

JERKISH TIP 29: THEY ARE NOT CUSTOMER SERVANTS... Have you every been to a store and seen a random person treat a service representative so bad that it made you embarrassed to even be a witness. Well try being the sales representative, its feels as bad as it looks. Going into work in a great mood only to leave feeling low and depressed. Feeling like a slave to people who are no different than you are. Having money, clothing, or auto parts thrown at you all day long. And to never hear as much as thank you for having to put up with someone's insane request. It's enough to make you want to end it all... I mean quit that is. Without dedicated people to service you, and make sure that the shirt your mother bought you that's two sizes too small can be returned or to check to see if there's a better phone plan that suits your needs, we as a society would be screwed. We need to respect our customer service attendants and give them our upmost cooperation. Not bash them because we are having a bad day. Below you will find 5 helpful tips to assist in being more consumer friendly...

1) Be aware of body language. The moment you walk up to a sales representative, they are reading your body language. Everything from your mannerisms to your tone of voice. They are trained to read people in order to brace themselves in case a negative situation arrives. Don't be that situation. Always smile and talk with your inside voice. Give them a chance to aid you the best way they know how.

2) Do not take your problems out on them. We all have bad days, other people should not have to suffer because you found out your husband was cheating or because you can't control your wild teen. If thats how you are feeling THEN STAY HOME!!!

3) When purchasing, place cash in hand. There is nothing worst than having money thrown at you all day long. You are not at a strip club so there is no reason to make it rain on innocent workers that are not using a pole as a mean of support.

4) Do not steal. I know it goes without saying, but at the end of the day it has to be said. If you decide to steal, be okay with the consequences. Do not get irate because you were caught. These people are only doing their job. If someone came into your house stealing would you just let them walk out with your stuff and be okay with it?

5) Say thank you... Trust me it goes a long way.

As human beings we shouldn't need etiquette lessons on how to shop, but I have been witnessing the most awful situations and I commend anyone in the customer service field who has to put up with that mess.

In the words of Chubb Rock, "Treat Em Right"

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