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Thursday, November 12, 2009

JERKISH TIP #17... Name Calling Is Tacky

Lets face it, to own a high priced name brand is confident boosting and fun. To have that feeling of exclusivity that only an item of that price point can bring, makes you feel well exclusive. But whats not chic is name dropping. To say your labels out loud is just deplorable and tacky. People of stature and class never name drop, why say what you have when people can clearly see you have it. Labels are to be seen not heard and once you give your labels a voice, you seem like new money who don't know any better, or broke money parading around your label like a child who shows off his/her new toy that mommy couldn't really afford. Besides not all labels are cute and its nothing worst than a label namer with awful taste. So just remember I'm all for a Tom Ford frame or Givenchy blazer as long as it doesn't grow lips. Let us admire you.

In The Name of Having Class, Let The Church Say Amen!
Don't Be A Jerk
Style Jerk

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