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Thursday, November 19, 2009

She Lost, Now She Is Found :)

Remember this girl???
Well if you don't, lets think back to one of our guilty pleasures, which is becoming a cult favorite, America's Next Top Model. After just finishing its 13th season showcasing petite models all under 5'7, The girl you see above shined season 6 as one of the most promising models that graced Top Model's runway. The Doll you see before you is Molly Sue Gondi. At 5'9, Molly Sue with those big blue eyes and that incredible face demolished her competition proving she could take one great picture after another. After five weeks of proving herself worthy of staying, they eliminated her after a lack luster commerical challenge. They claimed she didn't have the personality of a true Top Model. I usually can see where the judges come from in their decision making but she had to be one of the shows biggest upsets. Now 7 seasons later she has a thriving career as a model. She is now represented by Elite NY and Elite Barcelona and has one of the best careers of the Models birthed by the show. This segment is in celebration of you Molly Sue, one of my Favorite Top Models.


Till this day I think to keep Brooke over her was wrong and her leaving has to be one of the shows worst decisions.
In the name of Molly Sue let the church say Amen!
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