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Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Infamous Black Dress...

So I'm not sure if you guys caught the VMA's. The actual show was a snooze fest. But some of the fashion definitely made the yawn awards worth watching. But as always the biggest fashion stare was MS. GAGA. The first number she wore was an Alexander Mcqueen dress (which I hated with all my heart by the way). But I must say the second dress she wore which was a Giorgio Armani Gown in all black had to be my favorite of the night. It was hauntingly fabulous. And in my travels I came across the two sketches Mr. Armani made for GAGA before deciding on the black gown. I love the Tux, But Armani definitely created a win-win situation.

Option 1: The spiked Tux

Option 2: The Dramatic Black Gown w/ Head piece

As you can see she went with option 2.

She couldn't walk in the dress, referred to herself as fashion road kill because she almost fell. But dammit GAGA you would have looked great falling, looking like a giant ink spill.

The Award For Best Crazy in a Dramatic dress goes to...

Style Jerk

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