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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

People Watch!!!

He Travel to 21 Jump street, He was the Ultimate Goonie, He Milked an Oscar nomination, He went to where there was No Country for Old Men and now he's a V-Man.
Josh Brolin for V Man

Jessica Alba in Valentino w/ Ferragamo shoes (STUNNING!)
Machete premiere

Bono With wife Ali Hewson starring in the Newest Louis Vuitton campaign
for guest what... the "Bono Bag"
jealous yes

Sarah Jessica Parker at the Oscar De La Renta Show.
No matter the weather she'll weather the weather, whether she likes it or not.

Taylor Momsen For John Galliano
From Gossip Girl to Madonna's Material Girl muse to It Girl.
I'm not mad Little J.

Don't you just love celebrities!?! They are like the big piece of chicken that Mom saved for dad. You want it and its nice to look at but you just can't have it, which makes you obsessed.


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