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Saturday, September 18, 2010


My best friend of 15yrs. Naeem and I in front of ESpirit
I hope the manager really gives me a ring.
I fell completely in love with the coat.
Me in Zara deciding whether or not to spend $250.00 on happiness
Above: My Bestie in front of Juicy Couture.
Below: My Bestie strolling down fifth. He hates pictures

Inside Lord and Taylor posing with the live Mannequin.
She was really cute.

Me taking it all in. I love my profession. Days like this
really inspire me and lets me know I picked the right profession.

So... I don't know if you guys know, but last year because of my adult responsibilities, I was unfortunately unable to attend last years first annual FASHION'S NIGHT OUT event. It pained me but life goes on. But because the fashion gods refuse to let a talented soul like myself miss another year of fashion, fun and events I was able to make my Marc on the affair this year. The trip to New York with my three close friends was great. But because we left my home town of Philadelphia so late, the hour an a half ride turned into a three an a half ride from hell, once realized how late it was getting. I was expected to attend a fashion show at 6:30pm in Brooklyn before hitting Fashion's Night Out, but with the clock reaching 8:30pm and events ending at 10pm, that only left an hour an a half to make the most out of the fashion filled night. Needless to say, I grabbed the hand of my best friend and headed down fifth ave. running, leaving my other two friends behind to enjoy the show in Brooklyn. It was a night to remember. We seen Nigel Barker at the Lord & Taylor on fifth ave. We seen all the exciting and exclusive clothes and displays stores had to offer. We made a stop at the new 90,000sq ft. Forever 21 in Time Square. We ran into Anthony Williams from season 7 of Project Runway as he was making his way to Saks. I found the coat of my dreams, resembling something of the Burberry collection from the 2010-2011 Fall/Winter collection. And My friend and I were even offered Jobs by the District manager of ESpirit. Needless to say I had a ball.

If you guys are wondering, the feedback about the show in Brooklyn was less than exciting. Thank Goodness for the executive decision to do the night out.

Now its time to Hit the Ground Running. Next year I want to be invited to the Actual fashion week events. but one step at a time.

Don't Be A Jerk...

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