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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Therapy... All work and No Play

It's hard trying to push a career in the arts. There are 100,000,000,000,000,027 stylist and just as many bloggers, designers, fashionistas and so forth. So trying to make yourself a little more special than everyone else seems near to impossible. I've tried combining a few of these trades just to make myself the ultimate renaissance man. I write, style and dress well. Combined with the fact that I'm tenacious, committed, charming, humble and willing to learn as much as I can in this short life that I have to learn it. SO WHY IS THIS SO HARD!!! LOL, I guess nothing is easy but Geewiz. This question dawns on me from time to time, but it really took me on a ride today as I spent the first five hours of my day sending my portfolio to Agencies, applying for internships and following up with potential dream jobs. They say hard beginnings make for humble endings. So I'll continue to put my best foot forward, but I just hope that something comes from this soon. I'm not getting any younger you know.

Thanks for letting me sit on your couch. And it didn't cost me a dime. you all are too kind.


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