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Tuesday, August 4, 2009


NO MATTER WHERE YOU'RE GOING, LET PERSONAL HYGIENE BE YOUR GUIDING LIGHT... It is not and I repeat, Its is not OKAY to walk out your door in a headwrap, curlers, pj's, slippers or anything else you wouldn't wear to school, a date, or any other place worth going to. Nor is it okay to not wash, groom, etc. Point being, you never know when opportunity will come chasing you down. It could be in the form of a pretty girl, a job opportunity, or the man of your dreams, and all because you wanted to wear your ripped stained sweats and your five dollar dried out Louis scarf, you just missed out on a chance of a life time. The world is already rough enough as it is with crime, public transportation and auto-tunes, please do not make things worst with you being a visual disaster. Others have to look at you whether they like it or not.

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