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Monday, January 4, 2010

Star Sightings... You Know You Love Them

It's nothing more exciting then catching our favorite celebs enjoying everyday life, well their everyday life...

Spotted, My favorite group of Manhattan's elite Serena Van der Wilson (Blake Lively), Chuck Bass (ED Westwick) and Blair Wardorf (Leighton Meester). Leighton attended the opening for Klutch Classy in a Christopher Kane dress in Yves Saint Laurent platforms (Stunning). Ed was spotted making a few Christmas purchases at the Armani Exchange store. Not my favorite place, but twas the season. And "IT" girl of 2009 Blake Lively at the premiere of Sherlock Holmes in a insanely sexy Dolce & Gabbana number. Even outside of Gossip Girl, the cast exudes great style.

Here we have the Kanye West I know and love with Lady in hand Amber Rose attending the premiere of Avatar. How do we feel about that Burberry Prorsum Boot? Well I love it. She's half classy, half trashy. I love it, I love it, I love it.

But when they are not doing premieres, they are just taking random shopping strolls. Kanye has on a Balmain Denim Jacket and Balenciaga chinos, but if I can point your attention to the footwear, him and his lady have on his and hers Air Jordan Retros. AWWW... Love is in the air.

Madonna and Lourdes (who if I were doing a top 11 "IT" girls of 2009 would have definitely made my list) were in attendance at the premiere of Nine (said to be the must see movie of 2009/2010) Both head to toe in Dolce & Gabbana. FAB!!!

Let Me guess, All you Rihanna stans think she looks Amazing! Well sorry, I sadly disagree, I'm not into Farm couture. The overalls look like she had an accident on herself and she just looks out right silly. But I will not deprive you of knowing that the overalls are Jean Paul Gaultier for Levi's, I guess that makes a difference to you. I still think she tries to hard now a days. I want Good Girl Gone Bad RiRi Back with the cute couture pieces and razor sharp bob haircut.

Well that's all the Star sightings I have for now. To the famous and Elite of society, remember we're watching.
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