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Monday, March 29, 2010

MY Favorite Trend...


One of my favorite looks for this spring/summer for men and women is the Nautical Look. Because this is my favorite Trend this season for men and women, there will not be two post. I'm going to have to ask that you all read carefully. I usually do a look for less or post my interpretation of the look for men and then another for women, but since I'm doing the same trend for both sexes the style will be broken down into words instead of graphics. I know many people do not want to do what others are doing in fashion and like to stay in the fullness of time, but because everyone seems to still be stuck in the year of the shoulder, this fad will keep you on pace with the season and ahead with your competitors...

The Focal points to this look are strips, light-weight cable knit, khaki and denim
Color Palette: Red, Navy, White, Light Grey, Khaki and Black

MEN: To achive a successful nautical look all you need are:
-Striped Tees (crew or V)
-White or light Denim or pants (cuffed)
-Light weight double breated jacket
-chambray shirt
-boating shoes or loafers
-canvas sneakers
-anything with a crest
-white, red, navy blue, or striped(no more than two colors in the stripe) accessories.

Women: To achive a successful nautical look all you need are:
-Striped Tees (crew or V)
-Light weight oversized cardigans (grey, white or navy)
-anything with a crest
-ankle booties, loafers, canvas sneakers or flats
-chambray or light wieght dresses (especially in a dark blue or navy)
-light weight double breasted jackets
-3 - 5inch shorts in khaki or denim
-White, red, navy blue or striped accessories

Done right, you'll be sure to be the tide of the party. Overtly done or unsuccessful and you'll drown.

Sail High Fashionistas :)
Style Jerk

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