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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Month Of Fantasy... Magazines

Created by Photographer Mark Seliger/ Fashion Editor Rachel Zoe
Model: Actress Demi Moore

From now till the 3oth, I hear by pronounce April to be the Month of Fantasy. Now longer will this month be for children dreaming of a 6 foot rabbit with a red tailored Tom Ford suiting jacket with plaid Hermes bow tie, 5 inch Blue Khaki Marc Jacobs shorts and gray & black Salvatore Ferragamo oxfords (maybe this is my idea of the Easter bunny, sorry). April will be for every fashionista who adores illusion an creativity. The month to pay homage to Whimsy style in every aspect of fashion whether it be through design, photography, textile etc. Fashion is not just clothes, models and vanity. Its an art form full of hope, with the ablity to inspire and encourage. Outside of this blogspot I challenge you all to go beyond the lable and really get into the craft.

In the name of all that is fanciful and inventive, let the church say AMEN!

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