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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Month Of Fantasy... Sasha Fierce


Now I know you all might be wondering What makes Beyonce a Fantasy... Well Honey B can put on one hell of a show. Bright Lights, big music, Big personality, with bigger hair. She is one of the greatest talents of our generation. Off stage is another story. Beyonce tends to have Janet Jackson syndrome. She becomes very lackluster. Her voice is very faint, she gets all silly and giggly and at times can be a little lifeless. Unfortunately she has the wardrobe to match this monotonous personality. But every so often Sasha shows her face off stage and takes over Beyonces interior and exterior. The photo above proves at times the fanciful production Sasha puts on can also translate in real life. Here, Beyonce edged out a pink Chanel tweed jacket with a pair of 3inch cut off shorts, a graphic-tee, jewelry and sunglasses. The look is simple and fab and any young solicalite would love it. For Beyonce its a change from the messy, dull, unappealing style, her and her stylist conjuers up on any normal day of the week.. She is a vision of Fabulousness and in this picture she looks like a Fantasy (to me).

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