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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Fashion Imitating Art... John Galliano

Here is a oldie, but a goodie. It's John Galliano's 2003 pret-a-Porter (Ready-to-Wear in french) collection. This collection, which may highlight three pieces that are actually wearable, has to be one of my favorite fashion shows of all time. This show is one of the reasons I enjoy the industry so much. This show wasn't just about fashion, but it was about the art. But I wont ramble on and on. Enjoy the show. YOU HAVE TO WATCH TILL THE END. IT JUST GETS BETTER AND BETTER.

Wasn't that magical. I know fashion is also about the dollars, and I don't know how much money he made from this collection, but it was visually stimulating. #Orgasm
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