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Sunday, May 23, 2010

This Is Sooo Fitch...


Though FW 2010-2011 was very lackluster, there were a couple collections that really got my mojo going. Vera Wang's was definitely one of them. Achromatic, with plenty of shape and texture, not to mention styled to a "T", this collection was a fashionable Upper Eastside woman's dream. Whether an adolescent in need of a funky cocktail dress, or Working wowan 24-45 with an impeccable taste for the finer things, This collection had a little something for everyone. I loved the hair, the make-up, the accessories, the shoes and most importantly the clothes. If you don't know by now, I relate most things I love in fashion to Gossip Girl. What can I say, the wardrobe stylist is doing a FANTASTIC job. And if this person knows like I know, They would be trying to find ways to incorperate these pieces into the mix. Vera You really did a wonderful job.

xoxo, You know you Love Me
Style Jerk

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