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Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Best Saturday EVER!!!

Picture it, New York city 2010...
This will be the day that I realize that my future was written. What I thought was going to be just a trip to toy with my now unsecured destiny, ended up being one of the most fulfilling excursions of my natural life to date. I have been a little unsure about my school situation for sometime now and a few weeks back a recruiter from the Academy of Art University contacted me, asking me to travel to NY for an open house the school was having. He said that this could be a great look for me and that I should consider, so I RSVP'ed myself and two week later there I was at 53rd & 7th inside the Sherton willing to hear out someone that could shine a little light on my situation. After a very convincing 30min. presentation I was sold on the school. Immediately after I spoke with the nicest spokesperson that the Academy could offer up. She asked me questions and spoke to me as if we were old acqaintances who haven't seen or spoken to one another in years. Then she looked at my porfolio turning each page slowly as if she were reading a NY bestseller. She was literally a pleasure. Afterwards I filled out my application for the school and in the process was handed two tickets to see the Academy of Art University fashion show. This sounded ok, until I found out that the show was being held inside the tents of Bryant Park. That's right, I made it into an actual Fashion Week show. The top 5 graduating seniors were presenting their collections... Once inside I sat forth row and skimmed the crowded. My Eye immediately cut to Marc Jacobs himself. I was in shouting distance with the man who help revolutionize grunge fashion and assisted in bringing back shoulder pads. It was amazing. Not to mention that the talent coming out of this school was a wonder in its self. The experience was mind blowing.

After the productive Saturday I had, talking to the representatives of the school, going inside the tents, I knew on that bus ride back to Philadelphia that I chose the right career path and being in Bryant Park assured everything I've worked so hard to accomplish. I LIVED!

I'm on a Fashion High and I don't want to come down
Style Jerk

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