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Friday, February 19, 2010

JERKISH TIP #55... Sleepwear is for the inside

I understand that sometimes it's not enough time in a day... BUT!!! there is always time to throw on actual clothes unless its a life or death situation. It is never, ever, never appropriate to throw on PJ's when leaving the house. Not to go to the mall, not to walk the dog, not even to run to the mailbox. The thing is you never know who's watching. Whether it be a peeping tom or a rival waiting to see you at your worst, its just not practical or safe to run outside in your PJ's. not only that, but unless you want to look like you live in a nice Beverly Hills shelter, keep the Pajamas in the house. There is no such thing as Pajama Couture... Oops I hope I didn't give anyone any ideas. sigh...

Lets Keep it clean...
Don't Be A Jerk
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