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Friday, February 19, 2010

Farewell Friends...

H&M $130.00 + Zara Gloves $25.00
A Great Time = Priceless

The Best Friend had a little too many...

Every Great Party Has Great Guest.
I Heart A Line Dance

Friend Frank (left) wearing a Navy Blue Nautical Cardigan
J.Crew $130.00

Me and the Boys
You guys looked wonderful

A Good Bye Kiss...

Hey Mykie, I see you in your Dunhill fall 2010 inspired look...
I wish you a safe trip Friend.


Jarell (left) in an Zara suit with Henley. Price ?
Jo'marr (middle) inspired by Givenchy Pre-Fall... in a Express blazer $78.00
and super deep V-neck and white denim Jeans by American Apparel
Myke (right) inspired by Dunhill fall 2010... in a H&M blazer $68.00,
Banana Republic Trousers (sale) &38.00 and crest $8.oo google search.

A going away Party to be talked about for decades to come Priceless...

The Event was fashionable, well put together and super chic. My friends looked great, The guest looked wonderful and there was an excellent vibe circulating the premises. All in all it was the going away party that five of the closet friends could ask for, two of which are not going anywhere. LOL. I want to wish friends Jo'marr, Mychael and Jarell a very safe trip to ATL. and I wish you much success.

In the Name of Following your dreams, Let the church say AMEN!!!
Vincent-Marc aka Style Jerk

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